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Common Problems
What about the product price?

We can't just consider cheaper issues when buying. Deep submersible pumps are special equipment that requires lifting equipment to be hoisted. At least one crane and three people are required to install one pump, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Have you used similar products before? The cheap goods may start to have quality problems in a short time. At that time, you should hire a crane to raise the pump. You will take time and cost to raise one pump from borehole. A submersible pump with good quality and good installation can be used for at least three years, and some of our customers have been using it for 10 years.

The second is the operating cost in the future. The high-efficiency and energy-saving submersible pump runs continuously for one year. The electricity bill can save the cost of a pump compared to a bargain. It is cheaper to buy a few hundred yuan cheaper, and it will cost thousands of dollars more in the future.

If you are an engineering project, in order to win the cost of winning the bid in the bidding process, you will be able to purchase a cheaper equipment at the lowest price, and we can order a low-cost pump according to the price level you requested. For example, the length of the motor core, the material of the winding copper wire, the weight of the casting, etc., but at the expense of a little product quality.

Finally, I think that durability and safety are the most important things to buy. What do you say?

How is the factory scale?

Hebei PRIME Pump Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Lincheng Agricultural Machinery Repair Factory) was first established in 1998, and now has a registered capital of 51 million yuan and covers an area of 35,000 square meters. Design annual production capacity of 30,000 sets / set. It has developed into a group company with four subsidiaries including PRIME Pumps, PRIME Lost Foam, PRIME R&D Center and PRIME Convention and Exhibition Center. It is the legal entity of Hebei Pump Industry Technology Research Institute.

Our factory has strong scientific research strength, has obtained qualifications for labor skills appraisal, and can carry out relevant labor skills training. After passing the test, we can directly obtain the pump installation grade certificate, electrician grade certificate and electric welding issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Skill level certificate and other skill level identification certificates.

The PRIME pump laboratory has obtained the PRIME workstation for the Mechanical Industry Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Product, which can carry out the pump inspection business. Provide legally valid pump test report service for customers.

PRIME pump industry mechanical mold design and development capabilities, with large industrial 3D printers, high-precision 3D scanners, large processing centers and other equipment. The design verification cycle has been greatly shortened, and the 3D additive manufacturing project has received special research funding from the National Development and Reform Commission. It can provide users with rapid development and validation of mold development services.

For a long time, our factory has a complete quality assurance system in ensuring product quality. At the same time, we also have excellent technical personnel to answer your questions before, during and after sales. We are always ready to welcome our customers to our factory for inquiries. Investigate and correction.

How to guarantee product quality?

01. All processes have no external production;
02. ISO quality management system;
03. CNC equipment and staff skills are excellent;
04. The inspection means is perfect, we have to inspect each pump before delivery.

How fast is the delivery after ordering?

No equipment can be used for permanent and reliable operation. If an industrial and mining enterprise suddenly encounters water stoppage in agricultural irrigation, it will not only cause direct economic losses, but also cause anxiety and even harm to personal safety. At this time, the rapid replacement of the water pump to restore the water supply is undoubtedly the best solution.

Our company has grown from a workshop to a group company. The core competitiveness is fast delivery. As early as the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, our company (the first batch) delivered more than 700 submersible pumps to the disaster area in just three days, and delivered more than 1,000 submersible pumps to the disaster area within 10 days, effectively protecting the drinking water in the disaster area. . Behind it is our strong production organization.

First of all, in the warehouse management, the pull-type replenishment management in TOC management is adopted to realize the fast supply of goods and goods; more importantly, our company has a first-line production team with excellent quality and exquisite technology. Our company established the party branch and the trade union in 2003. Under the strong leadership of the party branch, we actively played the vanguard and exemplary role of the workers' party members and realized the true role of the vanguard of the workers. From the perspective of thinking and system, we are ready to provide users with the ability to deliver quickly.

After-sales Policies and Commitments

The first thing that needs to be clear is that such submersible pumps are really different from home appliances. There are too many special tools for maintenance, and even machine tools are not available. Therefore, failures need to be returned to the factory. After the repair is done, I will send it back to you. If you are in a hurry and feel sent back and sent it for too long, you can decide whether to send you a new pump replacement directly according to the actual situation.

In addition, submersible pumps are greatly affected by the customer's environment and conditions of use. Therefore, if it is caused by damage, we charge a little material fee. You don't have to worry that we will push the responsibility to the customer. After we receive the goods, we will take photos of the dismantling process to you. At the same time, we will give you a detailed explanation of the damage and get your approval.

Payment method for large order

01. Sign the contract;
02. 30% advance payment;
03. The balance amount pay before shipment.

Become an agent policy

01. Exclusive operation in the region;
02. sales rebate rewards;
03. online and offline cooperation;
04. Support for bidding in the locality;
Not only the above four points of support, please contact us if you want to know more.

Product transportation methods and safety issues?

01. Send by courier from door to door,such DHL, TNT, DELEX
02. Send by plan from airport.
03. Send by ship or train.

Can the product be customized?

We are a water pump company specializing in machine building, from the source of mechanical production to the completion of assembly.

01. We can cast in terms of material: cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, cast copper, cast stainless steel, etc.

02. For foreign customers or special domestic users, we can customize submersible motors of different voltage levels. Such as 600V/60Hz.

03. It can be customized with ultra-high lift pumps, such as lifts over 1000 meters. And large flow, such as a 500 cubic hour submersible pump.

04. It can also be customized under different usage scenarios, such as: hot water pump, frequency conversion special pump, marine aquaculture submersible pump, horizontal special pump, fountain special pump, down suction submersible pump, etc.

Finally, our factory has just purchased industrial-grade 3D scanners and 3D printers. Any of your mechanical parts can be printed in 3D printers after 3D scanning. Welcome to our company experience and cooperation.

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