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PRIME History

PRIME History

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【2017】Formation of the Institute

Established Lincheng County Pump Industry Technology Research Institute, and passed the approval of Hebei Science and Technology Department in the following year to establish and upgrade the provincial “Hebei Pump Industry Technology Research Institute”.

【2012】 listed "Mechanical Industry Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Product Quality Testing Center (Prime) Workstation"

Our company introduced automatic high-precision water pump testing equipment from China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Science, upgraded and modified the pump test site, obtained technical support from China Agricultural Machinery Testing Center (Station) and Hebei Mechanical Science Research Institute, and obtained Hebei Province. The high-level recognition and evaluation of the leader of the pump testing station, after the negotiation decided to set up the mechanical industry irrigation and drainage machinery product quality testing center (Prime) workstation in the Prime Pump Technology company, can undertake the pump testing business.

【2006】 Investment: Hebei Prime Pump Technology Co., Ltd.

In order to further expand production, Hebei Xinkang Pump Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Taizhou Xinhongji Pump Co., Ltd. jointly invested in the establishment of “Hebei Prime Pump Technology Co., Ltd.”, with a land acquisition of more than 63 acres and a registered capital of 51 million. Transfer the trademark “Xinkang” card to Prime Company. Hebei Prime Pump Group acquired Zhejiang Taizhou Xinhongji Pump Co., Ltd. in 2010 to realize sole proprietorship.

【1999】 Established: Hebei Xinkang Pump Co., Ltd.

General Manager Mr. Guofang Li acquired 7 acres land in the neighboring 107 National Road of Lincheng County for plant and laboratory construction, obtained the production license of China submersible pump industry, and produced QJ series deep well submersible pump. Registered trademark "Xinkang" brand.

【1997】 Entrepreneurship: Lincheng Agricultural Machinery Repair Factory

General Manager Mr. Guofang Li has been working in Lincheng County Pump Factory since May 1977. He was responsible for new product development after working in the mechanic workshop and model workshop. In 1988, he research and development 175QS submersible motor and 175QJ deep well submersible pump. Received the "third prize for scientific and technological progress in Hebei Province".In the same year he participated in the National Hydraulic Model Competition and won the second place. And in early 1991, he was transferred from Lincheng County Pump Factory to the director of Lincheng Woodware Factory, and established Lincheng County Agricultural Machinery Repair Factory. Repair factory mainly researches and produces new agricultural machinery, develops the direct-coupled centrifugal pump used with Xingtai tractor and won the second prize of the provincial excellent new product, and established the business relationship processing water pump kit with Beijing Chaoyang Submersible Pump Factory.

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